Hi! I'm Katie.

I help people connect to their soul, live their purpose and open more deeply to their intuitive gifts. Through intuitive coaching and accessing the Akashic Records, I assist clients in transforming their lives' by opening up to the wisdom, truth and love from their soul, guides and Record Keepers.

Do you ever feel like there's something more your meant for?

I did too! And I know things can be different when you stop feeling small and start listening to your soul’s guidance.

That nagging feeling of ‘something more’ led me to closing a business, ending a long-term relationship, trying out other careers and even selling my belongings & hopping on a one-way flight to a foreign land. Not that you’ll have to take such extreme actions to live a life you desire, but inspired action is better than no action. So if you’re ready for action and to make the commitment to transform your life from the inside out I’d love to work with you! Learn more about ways to work with me below.

Coaching Packages

I love working with amazing & enterprising women who are ready to step fully into their power to live their most expansive lifestyle. Does this sound like you? Let's find out if we're a good match to work together!


What's my story?

Well I'm glad you asked! Read more about how my experiences have lead me on a path of deep healing, solo traveling and now to coaching people to bring more beauty, power and joy into their lives'.


Akashic Record Readings

Are you looking for a deep understanding of your soul's purpose? Feeling stuck? Or just can't quite release something from your life? Working in the Akashic Records is the most powerful healing tool I've experienced!