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After months of deliberation, intuitive work and healing, I am having surgery on Friday, March 24th at Bethesda North Hospital at 12:30pm. The surgical team will be making a vertical incision from my pelvic bone to at least my belly button to remove 2 separate ovarian fibroids, one in my pelvic bone and one in the right side of my abdomen. They are each about the size of a grapefruit. At this point there is not a clear game-plan of which fibroid they will remove first, but they know my desire is to keep as much ovarian tissue as possible.

The doctors expect I’ll be in the hospital until Sunday or Monday and then have a 6-week recovery at home. I feel as safe and peaceful as I could imagine feeling 2 days before a major surgery that’s full of a lot of if’s. And just sharing this has already helped me tremendously. Thank for anyone reading along and I will be sure to post as I’m feeling up to it and regaining my health.

I know a lot of you may ask what you can do to help. I’ll happily accept loving messages here or on facebook, flowers, visits while I’m in the hospital, but most importantly, I ask you to hold me in light, love or your thoughts/ prayers (to me it’s all the same, when based in love). I would appreciate this most a half hour before the surgery, during the procedure (please send any goodness to my surgical team that you’d like), and after to aid in quick healing. If you wouldn’t mind putting the intention out there that my ovaries remain healthy, intact and functioning I’d appreciate it greatly!

Thank you for your continued support on my journey. The last couple years have been very unexpected but I can see how they’ve lead to love, strength, courage and gratitude. And I’m honored to share snippets of this with you!

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