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My Story


I’m Katie. I love helping people to connect more deeply with their souls, by healing their past and standing powerfully in their truth.

When people ask me how I got to this point in my life, the first thing that usually comes up is my ‘wake up call’ moment. In the beginning of 2013 I was at a standard check-up at the OBGYN when she said she felt a lump in my breast and recommended I get it checked out by a specialist. I left that day with a list of specialists on a hand-out, but when I got to my car I broke out into uncontrollable sobs. I was terrified. ‘How could this be happening to me at age 27?!’, raced through my mind. Thankfully I ended up having surgery, the tumor was benign, and I am currently healthy. When I look back on it now, I see that this was the wake-up call I needed to push me on a path to listening to my soul’s wisdom, healing my thoughts and emotions and learning to love myself.

This major turning point, helped me to take a real, honest look at what I was doing in my life and if it was allowing me to feel alive, free and joyful. The answer was a hard reality to swallow… I was not happy. So I decided to take some drastic actions. I closed my business in the beginning of 2014. The business was a vintage clothing shop I had opened 2009, a couple months after graduating from college with a degree in Industrial Design (or product design). When I started the shop it was my dream and I loved it for the first couple years, but then it became stagnant and I knew it was time for a change. While closing the business, I decided to needed a reset in my personal life as well and ended my 5-year relationship with a kind, supportive man. It felt like I needed to rip everything away that I had used to define myself up until that point. It was time to get to know the real me, full of fresh beginnings, painful transitions, and really getting to know the strength I had within.

After 2 major endings in my life, I found myself in a job in which I thought was my ‘dream job’ at a local non-profit. It quickly became apparent that I was in the midst of learning how to set boundaries, energetic and emotional. During this time I started a daily meditation practice and decided to try a Reiki energy healing session. Both of them opened up a whole new world to me and I was fascinated! I quickly decided to get attuned to Reiki Level 1 and my intuitive abilities started to rapidly open. I also came across Shamanism and started to experiment with shamanic journeys and other shamanic healing techniques. And then this nagging feeling that I needed a huge change started to creep in. It was a feeling that I wasn’t aligned with my soul’s purpose. That there was something I was missing, something more. Much to my surprise, an answer came during an intuitive writing session, while I was almost begging to know what get more clarity on my purpose. The 3 words I wrote changed my life – healing through travel.

I didn’t quite know what ‘healing through travel’ meant, but every time I thought of it, I got that belly full of butterflies feeling of excitement. Then a couple months later, I blurted out to my dear friend, “I’ve always just wanted to sell everything and move to India!” I remember looking around in disbelief that those words had just come out of my mouth. But as the months went on, the call to India became stronger and stronger. The end of March 2015, I decided to take the leap. I bought a one-way flight to India, without knowing anyone there or having the slightest plan of where I wanted to go! I gave myself a month to sell all of belongings, quit my jobs and tie up any loose ends and then found myself in landing in New Delhi on May 1st. I had no idea of how long I’d be there, but it felt so right from the moment I stepped off the plane. I was 100% trusting my intuition and listening to my soul, even though it scared the crap out of me.

I ended up traveling in India for 1 year and Nepal for a month. It was the most freeing experience I’ve had in my life and opened me up to my inner femininity, wisdom and truth. My travels lead me to new mediation techniques, falling in love, getting my heart broken, making lifelong friends, motorcycle trips, trusting my intuition, and lots of inner healing work. Along the way, I started to coach and teach people about connecting more deeply with their soul and ways to step into their power. This experience combined with my background in design & entrepreneurship lead me to working with amazing women business owners. I love sharing my intuitive gifts to help women live a life in which they feel free, joyful and powerful.