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How is your relationship with money?

Talking about money can be very challenging for many of us. Some find themselves jealous of those that have more, some feel that being rich means that it won't be fair to those that struggle financially, some desperately want more but constantly seem to find themselves in debt. If you can relate and are ready to make a change, join us for Magical Money Month where we go deep into identifying limiting beliefs about money, forgiving and releasing, setting new intentions and allowing money to support us in new, magical ways.


✨Magical Money Month✨

Join us for this month long journey into understanding your unique relationship with money and getting clear on how you’d like to have more money magic in your life!

The group course starts on Tuesday, May 8th 2018.

You will receive live group support, daily guidance and Akashic Record healings during the month long course. The course includes:

  • Weekly 45-minute live group calls, over 4 weeks. These calls will be on Tuesdays at 12pm EST. Each call will be recorded and sent to you that afternoon incase you can’t make it live or would like to the listen to the replay. Live call dates are May 8, 15, 22, 29. Each week will have a different theme for exploring your current relationship with money, but will also be lead by topics that are most useful for the group dynamic.
  • One 60-minute group Akashic Record Activation on Tuesday, June 5th at 12pm EST to activate your new intentions and solidify your upgraded relationship with money. This will also be recorded and sent out after the call.
  • Weekly journaling prompts to go deeper into your own money limitations and getting clearer on what new relationship you want to create with money and how much money magic you can allow in.
  • A private Facebook group to share your Magical Money surprises, insights and to get feedback from the group.
  • Daily Magical Money ideas posted in the group to bring a sense of play and adventure into your relationship with money.

Total investment : $188

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Want to go even deeper?

Do you want even more support during this month long course? Add in a one-on-one Akashic Record Reading to be used during the month to get more clarity on how you’re limiting money in your life and where you can make shifts to allow more magic in!

This package includes the Magic Money Course and a private 60-minute Akashic Record Reading for $248. That’s half off the normal Akashic Record Reading – just a $60 investment!

Total investment : $248

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Magical Money Month Details

Do you feel like being rich would make you a selfish person?

Do you feel like it’s better to have a lack of money so you can relate to your friends’ and families’ struggles with money?

Do you keep yourself in debt so you can stay in a situation of dependency on someone else?

Do you feel like you could never do the work you really want to because you will never make enough money?

Is money your excuse for having to stay in a situation that you’re not happy about?

Do you blame money when you decide not to do something your heart desires?

Do you feel like money is on your side or always working against you?

Do you feel like money supports you or is always alluding you?

If you’re realizing that you have more projections about money than you thought, don’t worry, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get to the root of your beliefs and make concrete changes in your life.

This month long program is designed to go deeper into these unconscious projections we all have about money, so we can see where we are creating our own limitations. We’ll work to shift our perspective to seeing money as a divine energy that flows to us the more we open to receive it. We’ll explore blocks we have about receiving (more than just money) and clear these from our energy fields, creating space for money to flow to us easily and effortlessly.

Week 1: Intro and focus on getting real on what your current relationship with money looks like

Week 2: Getting to the root of your unconscious beliefs and allowing yourself to forgive and release these illusions

Week 3:  Exploring what new conscious beliefs and patterns you want to make in terms of your relationship with money

Week 4:  Aligning your energy to receive with ease and bring anchoring in the magic of money into your energy field

Week 5:  Group Akashic Record Activation call for aligning to your soul’s genetic blueprint of abundance